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October 27, 2017

5 Businesses To Start For Under $10,000

Are you thinking of starting a business and have a small amount of capital available? You may not know what kind of business suits you the best but the following 5 will give you some inspiration.

However, before you start your new business it is important to speak to a professional regarding the rules and regulations; including how to incorporate. This will ensure you have the budget and knowledge to get your business of the ground.

Then it will just take hard work and market knowledge!

1. Nursery In Your Garden

If you have a love of plants and a decent sized garden you can easily create your own nursery business in your garden.

You will need to set up one or two greenhouses / poly tunnels to ensure you have the best environment for your plants to grow. You will also need to consider what plants will be in demand in your local community.

You can dispatch plants and seeds to customers further afield to help your business expand.

2. Children’ Parties

You will need to love children and enjoy making them laugh to offer your services as a children’s party entertainer or organizer.

However, you will find that there are an abundance of customers in your local area. You may even wish to rent a space and set up your own inflatable castles. Renting this will make it possible to start for under $10,000 and could prove to be a lucrative opportunity.

3. Gardening Business

An alternative to growing plants is to offer your services as a gardener or handyman. You will need a few basic tools, lawnmower and your own vehicle.

With some good marketing this type of business can be expanded as much as you like; you will simply need to hire gardeners and handymen to work for you as you expand. This type of business is great if you are happy to be hands-on but have limited gardening knowledge. Maintaining and gardening is much easier than trying to landscape one; you can learn a lot of extra knowledge while on the job.

4. Financial / Business Planning

Surveys suggest that just 33% of businesses create a business plan before they start operating. But, this is one of the most important steps to creating a successful business.

A business plan will allow you to create an overall goal and small steps. Each of these can be achieved in a set time frame and will make the overall goal possible. Offering your services as a financial or business planner simply means guiding them through the process of starting up and pointing out what they should be thinking about. You only need to advertize your services to get started.

5. Trainer

If you have a good level of experience in a particular field you can use this to provide training to others. Whether you are a fitness instructor, market expert or a sale expert; these services can be offered to other businesses to encourage a better response from their staff.

All you need for this is a few basic tools such as a laptop, slideshow presentations and some hand outs. The rest is just preparing your speech and inspiring your audience. Of course, being a good public speaker will help.

There are hundreds of different businesses which can be started for under $10,000. Start by thinking about your favorite pass time and build your business from there.

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