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October 11, 2017

Cryptocurrency Markets and The Next Market Meltdown (Subscription Video)

By EconMatters

We discuss the major Cryptocurrencies in this market video report, illustrating one flawed cryptocurrency instrument in line with the flawed ETF construction that occurs regularly in that industry jumping on the latest fad in financial sectors. We also cover Gold, US Dollar, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan, and the Turkish New Lira in looking at the asset classes that hold their value over the last year to 20 years time periods. We delve into the next Financial Market Crash where investors question all asset prices once the Central Bank Put is gone from the markets and prices fall where they would otherwise trade without $150 Billion hitting the Markets every month in the form of Central Bank Stimulus. When confidence is lost in the overall system, when the available tools left are far too small to address the selling carnage in markets, are any instruments winners, or are they all thrown out with the proverbial bath water of stench that is the Run for the Central Bank Exodus where Fear, Pain and Margin Call Losses rule the day!

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