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November 5, 2017

Here is How Individuality is Changing UK Business Perspective Today

The days when a flock mentality was the desired norm in the workplace are fast disappearing as employers seek unique and dynamic workers than can introduce fresh and exciting ideas to help the company grow.

Individualism in the workplace has spilled over into the general business environment as more and more companies look to carve a niche for themselves by doing things differently. Below are just some of the ways the shift towards individualism is gradually changing how business is being done in the UK.

1. Fresh innovation

The current lean towards an individualistic approach to doing business as led to UK companies becoming more innovative as they become less restricted by the norms of doing business the traditional way. This has opened up an avenue to present new services to clients, as well as old services in new and creative ways. Each business is attempting to be an innovator and a leader rather than a follower or a mimic and this is great for consumers as it offers them a richer set of options to pick from when trying to satisfy their needs.

2. More global approach

Individuality doesn’t necessarily imply that businesses are shying away from what the world has to offer. Rather, many organisations are looking for external influence from global resources to provide fresh ideas and insightful solutions. This is why giants such as Apple and Facebook are so keen on hiring promising experts from all around the world to tailor their individual competence to further the strategic ambitions of the company. This global approach is apparent in the UK has more businesses have begun outsourcing or partnering with other companies to improve their performance.

3. Changes in the workplace

Individuality in business is more apparent when you look at the sort of workplace modern companies have. In most leading companies, gone are the days when staff were restricted to a very specific dress code that was in line with the company’s values. As company values embrace individuality, it becomes apparent in how employees are allowed to express themselves and perform their duties with more originality and independent thought. Another visible difference in a business embracing individuality is how it makes room for working options such as remote working or flexible work weeks. Even though employees might not frequently be within the physical walls of the company, they are still a major part of the company through effective communication and often the help of productivity resources.

By making room for individuality to flourish, companies are now able to accomplish more while also making it possible for employees to enjoy greater satisfaction with their jobs.

The individuality approach isn’t limited to how businesses work with their employees but also covers how they relate with their customers. By avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach, businesses are able to provide more tailored services to satisfy the unique needs of their clients.

By focusing on individual stakeholders of a company, including employees and customers, present day UK businesses are better able to achieve their specific goals rather than get caught up in the usual problems associated with sticking to the former familiar norms.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the author's own, and do not necessarily reflect those of EconMatters.

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