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December 1, 2017

Max Polyakov from Noosphere Ventures was Awarded the Title FAI Companion of Honour

Image credit: FAI via Flickr

FAI General Conference is an annual event that is conducted by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) to coordinate aeronautical activities around the world. As FAI's supreme body, the General Conference, determines the objectives, the policy of the Federation, and elects the President and the Executive Board.

This year in Lausanne, Switzerland, the 111th FAI General Conference was held. Over 100 delegates from the member countries of the Federation, as well as honorary guests and FAI's elected officials, gathered there. Among those present was also the company Noosphere Ventures, managed by Max Polyakov, as FAI Global Technical Partner.

Conference program

The Conference's program was full of events:
     FAI Workshops
     Executive Board Meeting
     Plenary sessions
     Commission Presidents' Group Meeting
     FAI Awards Ceremony
     And visiting the Olympic Museum

Image credit: FAI via Flickr

The workshops raised the issues of the FAI anti-doping program, the development of air sports, the progress of technical support at the events, the cooperation with Noosphere of Max Polyakov, the development of the Drone Racing as a new air sport, and many others.

Plenary sessions
The official opening of the Conference took place on 25 October. The FAI Awards Ceremony marked this opening, where Frits Brink, FAI President, presented more than a dozen awards to supporters of air sports and to outstanding pilots from around the world. The honorary guest of the Ceremony was President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Dr. Thomas Bach, who congratulated all the winners.

During discussions at plenary sessions, an important decision was made to host the 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championship in 2018 in Shenzhen, China. This was announced by Frits Brink, and he added that it was an historical moment for the FAI and that that Drone Racing Championship would be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate this sport to the world.

Some of the speakers had the opportunity to present their organizations or projects to attending delegates. For example, Magdi El Derini, Deputy Ambassador of Egypt to Switzerland, Erich Wolf, a representative of Red Bull Air Race, and Yuriy Letser from Noosphere Ventures, managed by Max Polyakov.

Yuriy introduced a new Noosphere development - the eNavigator tool ("e" from English "electronic" and "event"), which allows taking sports event management to a new level. This management system takes care of all aspects, from creating websites and scheduling to communicating with athletes and tallying competition results.

The moment of awarding
The most important part of the Conference for Noosphere Ventures was the  FAI Awards Ceremony, where Max Polyakov was awarded the title of FAI Companion of Honour. Such honour is provided only to those who have outstanding merits to the Federation. The award grants Max Polyakov a unique opportunity to attend the annual General Conferences, closed to most attendees. This will allow him to work more closely with world leaders in the field of air sports and make a greater contribution to the FAI scope.

Max Polyakov commented that becoming an FAI Companion of Honour is a huge honor for him, and he is grateful for the recognition of the contribution that Noosphere makes to the development of air sport.

The joint work of Noosphere Ventures and the FAI began a few years ago, and this cooperation is developing rapidly every year. So, among Noosphere's initiatives in relation to the FAI, are the organization of such events as the European Championships and the World Championships for Space Models, and a stage of the Drone Racing World Cup. And after Noosphere Ventures became FAI Global Technical Partner, Association Noosphere organized a student innovation hackathon "Best Deviсe For FAI". The result of this tournament was a new device for automating the process of scoring points and improving the accuracy of competition results in Ballooning.

Such a partnership has a positive impact both for Noosphere, led by Max Polyakov, and for the FAI. It will help to bring to life many more wonderful events and projects in the field of air sports.

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