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December 21, 2017

The 3 "don'ts" of the Modern-day Relaxing Romantic Break

It would be fair to say that short romantic weekend breaks have become somewhat fashionable over recent times. In a bid to take full advantage of annual leave, more and more couples are doing a simple Friday-Sunday outing just to recharge the batteries, and inject some added spice into the relationship.

However, there are certainly "do's" and "don'ts" for this type of getaway. As the title has probably already suggested, today's task is to take a look at the latter. Whether you are visiting a spa, or maybe even opting for one of the traditional city break experiences, here are some of the key things you should avoid to ensure that romance remains in the air.

Don't try and see everything in the vicinity

Particularly if you are opting for a city break, it could be said that this is one of the principle mistakes that couples tend to make. Through TripAdvisor and all of the other major travel hubs, it's become easier than ever to put together a simple to-visit list which documents all of the sights and attractions you simply must see. Unfortunately, while it would be great to put a great big tick next to all of these, it's not going to do your romantic getaway any good in the slightest. Sure, you might enjoy visiting them, but it will come at a cost. As the weekend progresses you will become more tired before eventually, this will start to prompt arguments (see point #3).

Remember that you are heading on this trip for the purposes of your relationship. Treat the sights and scenery as a benefit - and try and take advantage of you-time. Don't be tied to your phone

It doesn't matter if you are traveling with your partner or with friends, this should be one of the principle "don'ts".

As much as the mobile phone comes to our rescue on a daily occurrence, just understand that it's not designed for holidays.

Sure, it might be a Godsend when you get lost down the streets of Birmingham or your destination of choice, but don't run into the mistake of being contactable. Whether it's work or the group WhatsApp chat, try and leave it to Monday. Again, it’s all about that elusive time spent together.

Don't be afraid of the odd argument

We touched on this point earlier in the article and it's really worth enforcing.

One of the big problems with these getaways tends to be that expectations are set far too high. Unfortunately, a degree of realism is required and there might be times where you are not on the same page and a minor argument occurs. It might be related to the choice of spa treatment, restaurant or something else utterly tiny.

This is something that you just have to accept; it will happen in all relationships and even though you are venturing away for the weekend, it doesn’t mean to say that you’ll both be on the same page throughout the entire trip.

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