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December 26, 2017

Tips on Writing a Narrative Essay

Narrative essay is an essay that tells the reader the step by step story about a real-life experience. It goes a long way to explain all the activities in the life experience in detail to the reader as though the reader was there when it all happened. In a narrative essay, the writer does more than telling a good story of a real-life experience but the writer also draws lessons from the story for the reader.

The Writing Process for Narrative Essays

On the sites like https://thesispanda.com/buy-dissertation you can discover that the writing process for narrative essays shows the writer the best steps to follow in order to come up with a great narrative paper. These processes help checkmate the authenticity of the essay. Here are the main five-step writing process that determines the quality of your narrative essay:

1. Finding a Topic to Write on

When searching for a topic to write a narrative essay on, the writer should think a vivid life-experience that has strong emotional significance to his/her life. It is very important to note that only when there is a vivid remembrance and strong affinity or emotions of the event, the writer can create a perfect and more effective narrative story.

Once a topic has been picked, the writer can make a prewrite (outline) of all the events that occurred in the story sequentially and mark the time they all occurred before starting up the main narrative story.

2. Writing a Narrative Essay

After finding a topic that meets all the criteria of the first writing process, the next step is writing the essay using the outlines of the events of the real-life experience. The following points should be taken into consideration when writing the narrative essay;

  • Always make use of the first person “I” in the essay. This brings more reality to the essay.
  • The details in the essay should be precise and explicitly written, by so the reader won’t be bored by irrelevant stories in your essay.
  • The narrations in the narrative should be descriptive and very illustrative pointing out some relating incidents if necessary. The more descriptive the writer writes the essay, the more intriguing the reader will want to read more of the essay.
  • Although the essay is supposed to be a real-life experience (non-fiction), some elements of fictional characteristics should be brought into play to improve the excitement and reader’s interest in the essay.

3. Proofreading and Editing a Narrative Essay

This stage of the writing process involves revising the written essay and editing the errors if any, and correcting any grammatical error if any. This process tries to answer the questions on the major errors that are common in narrative essay:

  • Is the essay in sequential progression according to the outlined events and will the essay be comprehensible be the reader?
  • Is the detailed event in the essay very precise or is it too detailed and boring?
  • Does the essay convey the right message or lesson to the reader?
  • Does the essay teach the reader a thing or two on how to handle similar situations under similar circumstances?

It is important the writer makes the significance of the real-life experience known to the reader either at the beginning of the essay before the narration of the story or at the end to wrap up the story but either way, it should be made obvious for the reader to see.

4. Modifying a Narrative Essay

In this writing process, the idea of the narrative essay has been fully established. This writing process makes sure the word structures, grammar, punctuation, etc. are fully observed and corrected if there is any error.

5. Essay Publication

This is the most difficult but the most essential writing process. It involves publicizing the essay in a classroom, social media or other public places. If there are mistakes, it may be very embarrassing but “continuous writing and publication of such narrative essay can only make you perfect and reliable”.

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