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January 10, 2018

Why Is "Fire and Fury" Such a Nasty Book?

By Frank Li, Econintersec

This book is a must-read for all Americans, especially those who vote.

I was anxious to get a copy. As soon as I had one, I finished reading it in one scoop - The book is fantastically well written, both in form and in content!

Here is my overall assessment of the book:

1) The book damages President Trump, hugely.

2) The book was written largely from Steve Bannon's viewpoint, with a large amount of details about, and from, Mr. Bannon.

Why is there such a "nasty" book? Two main reasons:

1) Blame Mr. Bannon! After decisively helping Donald Trump win the Presidency, Mr. Bannon wanted to be the de facto President by all means, including inviting author Michael Wolff to be a long-time guest inside the White House, with no purpose other than writing favorably about Mr. Bannon.

2) Blame the President! The White House was indeed in total chaos. As a result, not only was Mr. Wolff's sneaky presence allowed, he eventually published this "insider" book.

I will highlight the book in four points as follows:

1) Three ideological branches.

2) "Let the kids go home".

3) Bannon on the Trump Presidency.

4) Bannon on himself.

Let me elaborate on each ...

1. Three ideological branches

The book is at its best in depicting the constant in-fights among the three ideological branches inside the White House: the alt-right represented by Steve Bannon, the New York Democrats represented by the "first children" (i.e. Kushner and Ivanka), and the Republican establishment represented by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel via Reince Priebus.

As a result, the President, who is responsible for the set-up and apparently enjoys being the power broker (or "the king"), has been almost totally consumed, unfortunately for America ...

2. "Let the kids go home"

Mr. Bannon hated the "first children" and wanted them to go home. I agree, for a reason different from Mr. Bannon's though.

Mr. Bannon wanted the "kids" to go home because they were competing for influence (and often winning). I want them to go home as a principle: we are a republic, not a monarchy. Below is an excerpt from the book (page 28):

His sons, Don Jr. and Eric—jokingly behind their backs known to Trump insiders as Uday and Qusay, after the sons of Saddam Hussein.

Need I say more?

3. Bannon on the Trump Presidency

Below is an excerpt from the book (page 206):

Steve Bannon was telling people he thought there was a 33.3 percent chance that the Mueller investigation would lead to the impeachment of the president, a 33.3 percent chance that Trump would resign, perhaps in the wake of a threat by the cabinet to act on the Twenty-Fifth Amendment (by which the cabinet can remove the president in the event of his incapacitation), and a 33.3 percent chance that he would limp to the end of his term. In any event, there would certainly not be a second term, or even an attempt at one.

I agree with this assessment.

4. Bannon on himself

Below is an excerpt from the book (page 206):

Less volubly, Bannon was telling people something else: he, Steve Bannon, was going to run for president in 2020. The locution, "If I were president ..." was turning into, "When I am president ..."

Still wondering "why and how" about this book?

5. Summary

Overall, this book has simply further confirmed what many have worried about President Trump: lack of experiences in public office or military before taking the top job in the nation!

The image below is worth more than 1,000 words. For more, read: Trump Administration 2.0.

Mr. Bannon is the primary source of this book, which is hugely damaging to the President. Yes, Mr. Bannon has totally betrayed the President! No, he must not be forgiven, no matter how hard he apologizes now (Steve Bannon issues lengthy apology walking back his explosive comments in the tell-all book)!

Here is the latest news: Bannon out at Breitbart. Bannon has got what he deserves!

6. Discussion

Not only did I vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, I also spelled out the path to historic greatness for him (An Open Letter To President-Elect Donald Trump). Unfortunately, he has not listened, yet.

No question, Donald Trump ran a brilliant campaign to win the American Presidency. But governance has proven much harder …

More broadly, this book further demonstrates the hopelessness of the American Presidency. Three informative readings:

1) American Presidency: Starting at Age 55-65!

2) Let's Redefine the American Presidency, Now (Version 3)!

3) American Presidency: Is It a Joke (III)?

7. Closing

Once again, this book is a must-read for all Americans, especially those who vote.

I continue to wish the best for President Trump ..

Courtesy of Frank Li, Ph.D, Author of The GOP Bible for 2016 and American Democracy, via Econintersect.com

The views and opinions expressed herein are the author's own, and do not necessarily reflect those of EconMatters.

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