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May 13, 2018

3 Best Level 5 Body Armors

There are different levels of body armor. They are classified in six levels depending on the level of the threat. Different armors are available depending on the perils they can protect.

Level 5 body armors are hard plates armors which are made using a soft fiber to give protection against rifles. Most of this these are made in an overt style suitable to be worn beneath the clothing. They are generally made is a way that they are convenient, comfortable and light to be worn under the clothes. Body armors exist in a variety of number depending on the level of threat the can handle and contain. They include the following: 

  • Ballistic protection vests. These are the most common type of bullet-resistant vests. They are capable of preventing small arms fire. Ballistic protection level is only able to hold bullets firearms that are listed on this level. However, these vests are very strong and are also able to trap or slow bullets. Vests in this level are capable of stop bullets from ammunition used such small guns and other guns for lower level threat. They require rigid plates made from either ceramics or polyethylene.    
  • Edged blade protection vests. They are also called stab protection vests. They can protect you from weapons such as knives or axes. They are different from ballistic protection vests because of the materials used to make them. However, most of this edged blade protection vest will use Kevlar and may come with ballistic protection. Slab protection is capable of stopping attacks from edged weapons, axes, knives and broken bottles. They use materials such as chainmail which helps to stop the weapon’s edge to cut through in the beneath. Therefore this turns some impacts on these attack.   
  • Spike protection vests. Spike protection usually differs from stub protection in a variety of ways. Weapons such as needles, syringes or screwdrivers require spike protection vest. Spike-resistant vests are offered in association with both the edged blade resistant vest and ballistic protection. They stop attacks by using spiked weapons which can also pass through Kevlar and chainmail. These vests require plastic laminate layers in order to create a hard surface that can stop such weapons. Additional, spike proof vest has both the Kevlar and chainmail beneath the plastic laminate which will help to absorb the effect of the attack.

Protection you wants usually depends on the level of threat you mostly face. That is why these body armors are classified in levels. Level 5 body armors require being concrete and tough to handle the threats in these levels. The different types of the body armors that exist usually reflects the different levels of protection available. For protection against rifles, the threat level is higher compared to protection against needles or syringes. For protection against edged weapons, you will require another level of body armors to protect you from such. Additionally, protection against spiked weapons such as ice picks will require spike proof vests for protection.

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