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May 12, 2018

Commodities as The Alternative Investment

Those who have invested in commodities seem to be breathing a little heavier with the Dollar clawing its way back up. But while commodities seem to be struggling along, there is one thing investors need to remember. Commodities will remain valuable as long as the earth relies on them, but for those playing currency wars, this might not always be the case. Commodities such as gold have a strong track record but there are some unusual commodity investments that seem worth considering.

Traditional Investment Options With A Modern Twist

Property markets have been the go-to options for many investors over the years, despite the economic slump of 2008. For investors who want to have a bite from the sustainability pie, however, there is a commodity that seems to be making waves on the property front. 
Eco-friendly builders are turning to Titanium to reinforce properties instead of the traditional steel structures, thanks to its virtually indestructible nature. For investors, reinforcing their properties with Titanium is almost a double investment and particularly valuable to those who wish to stay there for the long term.

The Tangibles As Heirloom Pieces

This may seem like an archaic practice, however, heirlooms and dowries are still part of many communities across the world. The tangible commodities fetch a high price at the markets and silver items such as jewelry pieces, ornaments and silverware still carry high value. One of the most interesting investments where silver is concerned is in a coin collection and potential investors can check silver prices at Money Metals Exchange. This doesn’t only have the intrinsic value of the silver in the coin, but also the collection value especially where rare coins are concerned. Some of the most sought-after silver coins include the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and the Silver American Eagle. Silver also happens to be a little less pricey than gold, making it a good option for beginner investors.  
The Modern Version Of Commodities

For the past decade, investors were under the impression that the investments into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would be treated like currency. However, a recent ruling by U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein stated that virtual currencies be treated, or governed, like commodities. This is not purely from a regulatory standpoint but also makes more sense as these cryptocurrencies act like the fuel to the blockchain machine.
Commodities have long been the fuel that drives economies and continues to be interesting, if at times volatile, investments. The tangible investments in these commodities should not be overlooked either.

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