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June 3, 2018

Why Donald Trump Will Be Impeached

By EconMatters

We have seen this pattern repeat itself throughout the history of politics where the initial incidence or transgression isn`t what caused the most damage but the process of trying to cover up the incident that brings the real trouble for politicians. We have already reached that threshold level in the Trump Administration's attempts to cover up whatever happened during the campaign and just after the election prior to moving into the Oval Office.

Just with the tidbits that have been leaked from the Mueller Investigation, and Trump having to verify multiple times that he and his team have lied to the media, congress, Mueller and the American people as new details emerge from the investigation. A circumstantial case can be made today for a consistent, strategic obstruction of justice campaign on behalf of Donald Trump and his team in the white house to cover up some of the politically compromising things that occurred during the campaigning process. Furthermore, we don't even know if there are more damaging issues yet to come from the Mueller Investigation.

Again, Trump and his team would have been much better off just taking the initial political hits from his meetings with the Russians, politically spun these to lessen the damage and move on, but the cover up, the trying to not have the political damage in the first place is what always gets these figures in the end. It is rather obvious that Trump is in trouble with his cover up approach, and this is where he has really crossed the line for a sitting president.

The only thing we don't have is a “Watergate Break-in Moment” but the rest is all there for a continual pattern of behavior obstruction of justice campaign conducted on behalf of Donald Trump and his Team. These latest pardons on behalf of Donald Trump only build the case along these lines of a President who is acting above the law, trying to circumvent the normal judicial process. When a President starts abusing the Pardon Authority along the lines of sending messages to those individuals who may have violated the law in an ongoing investigation where he could possibly be implicated with their cooperation in the Mueller Investigation this sets a bad precedent, is a conflict of interest, and furthers the case for a President acting above the law, obstructing an ongoing investigation, and builds the momentum for impeachment.

At some point, even Republicans will realize that you cannot have the President of The United States acting this way in office, it undermines the credibility of the entire system if a sitting President acts as if he is above the rule of law. In fact, there may have to be constitutional changes to more clearly provide various checks and balances to limit the powers and authority of the president of the United States. Donald Trump is pushing boundaries and presidential norms of behavior to such a degree that he is often teetering on the precarious edge of becoming a rogue, out of control president. Again much easier to just impeach the president, then rewrite the constitution going forward.

But there are more threats to Trump's survival than just the fallout from the Mueller Investigation, you just cannot have the President of the United States tweeting and getting caught up in all these petty, small minded beefs on social media. You are the President of the United States, not some high school teenager with nothing better to do with their time. If Donald Trump was in any other position in America, A corporate CEO, a Mid-Level Manager, an employee, you name the position, ironically, it is he who would be fired unceremoniously. You cannot act this way period, it is highly unprofessional, and wholly unacceptable behavior for the President of The United States. It is an embarrassing representation of America on the world stage to have the President of the United States Tweet and act like a 12 year old while in office, it makes us look ridiculous as a country in the world`s eyes. The President of the United States should not be conducting foreign policy via twitter, this should be self-explanatory for any president. This alone is grounds for impeachment, the fact that Donald Trump doesn`t or cannot control his behavioral impulses on twitter says a lot about his mental competency, or being publicly fit to serve as president of the United States.

Donald Trump is all over the place with his schizophrenic policy initiatives, public statements, cabinet management, and overall behavior while in office that one really has to question his basic competency as a leader, let alone his mental stability as the President of the United States of America. Really, this is the best of the best that America can find to represent its interests on the world stage? Frankly, the fact that Donald Trump could be elected, or thought competent to serve as President by a majority of voters says a lot about the entire two party system, the electoral process, and the critical thinking and reasoning abilities of Americans. Maybe it represents a desperation play by American voters who feel disenfranchised and exploited by globalism, monopoly corporations and the failures of socialized crony capitalism plus other unnamed factors too robust for this current discourse. However, whatever the causes, when Donald Trump is the end result, you know something has gone terribly wrong in the system. Moreover, just to have him viable as a presidential candidate in the first place speaks volumes about the dire underlying conditions of this country. When you start electing reality television stars to the presidency, you shouldn't be surprised when they behave and lead the nation like reality television stars!

Trump has been very lucky to be benefiting from an economy at the late stages of the business cycle, and his tax cuts which are providing a short term gain, are helping to push the last stages of this business cycle a little further. However, these same tax cuts have dire consequences down the line, are unsustainable going forward, and will be revoked maybe as soon as two years from now.

And when the economy starts to turn, and or the republicans lose a lot of power in the midterm elections this November Trump`s schizophrenic behavior and actions will not be so easily overlooked. I have been amazed with just how much bullshit shenanigans Donald Trump has gotten away with so far in office with the latest being the violation of the quiet period before the employment report. But political missteps will start sticking hard to Donald Trump as people start looking for somebody to blame for the inevitable downturn in the economy. Remember, all this Central Bank short term Monetary Shenanigans, and the out of control global debt spending of the last 10 years means a very bad global recession is coming, and coming much sooner than people realize. The Trade War escalations is really a fight over money, and the reason this is such an issue is everybody underneath the debt and central bank camouflaging is at the core desperately broke and in debt. Trade wars are going to get much worse in the global recession that is coming over the next two years.

Under the changing political landscape as republicans lose political power, the economy turns into recession, not just in the United States, but globally Donald Trump becomes not only the focus of blame, the natural fall guy for the world's problems, but the psychological outlet for the world`s frustrations.

His removal from office will solve very little of what is wrong with the political system, what led to his election in the first place, and what ails the United States and the world as a whole. Such bigger macro factors like too many people on the planet for too little resources, quality jobs, and basic standard of living resulting in the inevitable inequality that has only been magnified by incompetent Central Banks and governments around the world.

Thus, I find it highly likely that Donald Trump is impeached before his term in office expires in just over two years. Depending upon if the midterms are a bloodbath for republicans, or the US Economy starts sliding real fast this speeds up the impeachment process. Literally Donald Trump could very well be impeached within a year. This is part of the reason Donald Trump is trying all these politically risky actions from the most recent pardons to the Giuliani media campaign to the summit with North Korea, and the schizophrenic Trade War actions. These serve as great diversions from the Mueller Investigation story. Donald Trump may even be in more trouble than we realize with the Mueller Investigation. He sure is acting like a guy who is about to be impeached within the next year!

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