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June 23, 2018

How To Ensure Your Business Stays Safe In The Current Economic Climate

These days, you’re only as safe as your last update. Your technological services and devices need to as safe as they possibly can be, and your staff should be able to recognize a variety of threats before they happen, such as suspicious activity and suggestions to click on unauthorized links. In order to minimize such threats, you will have to employ the services of firewalls and impenetrable passwords, for instance. You should also endeavor to strike up a personal relationship with your customers, and let them know just how important they are to you, and how greatly you appreciate their custom and loyalty. Do this by sending emails and delivering post to their home or business addresses. 
Remain Socially Secure Online 
Whether you’re a small business owner or one in charge of a large international corporation, cybersecurity is paramount for the sake of your staff, your customers, investors, and whoever interacts with your company on a personal level. The European Parliament has vowed to protect the privacy data of its citizens in all 28 EU member states, and to shield the cover of data online for those opting in to remain as part of the EU by using EUGDPR compliance services. These aim to protect social security numbers, as well as a person’s political persuasion, race, web browsing cookies, and biometrics.  
Lead By Example 
You need to call upon a determined, well-equipped, and driven team in order to stay afloat in the current climate. Your staff cohort should be efficient, and time shouldn’t be wasted in activities that aren’t central to building your business and helping to progress from strength to strength. Business processes should be streamlined, and all members of staff should be properly trained to avoid careless mistakes that could cost the company time and money. As an owner or manager, ensure that you take part in training days and courses to become a better leader, and how best to communicate with your employees. 
Make Reasonable Cuts 
Wherever you can, curb your spending and outgoing costs. You need to focus on profit, and gaining as much gross profit as you possibly can. Now, doing this is a complex topic. Maximizing the amount you’re able to reap will greatly depend on your business, and what your model for progression and expansion entails. Wherever there is reasonable space for cuts and reductions, then the necessary action must be taken. Make savings on your electricity bills by turning appliances off at the plug, and reduce other utility bills by using less water and fewer pieces of paper. 
Protect Your Passwords 
Protect your means of accessing business networks, and create strong passwords by using as many keystrokes and characters as you’re able to. Ensure that every password you create is embedded with numbers and a variety of characters that, as a result, don’t spell a word that could be easy to guess if a hacker or malware wanted to expose you and threaten your safety. Timeout old passwords frequently, and make sure your employees understand the risk you face if they are to write down the passwords onto paper, or to store them on personal electrical devices.

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