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June 26, 2018

Top Strategies to Update Your Company and Bring it into the Digital Age

The problem with the Internet is that it is incredibly fast-paced. While it is unlikely that you are entirely analog and have some sort of digital presence, if you have not updated it within the last three years, your business needs a digital overhaul. This is true whether your website looks outdated, or whether its SEO efforts are now blacklisted by Google’s Penguin. Your digital presence must always be current, which is why you need to implement these top strategies to bring your website into the present and beyond. 

Update Your Website

Consider your website to be your online headquarters. It is where all of the relevant information is, where you want your customers to go, and what you want Google to put on the first page of its search. Not only is outdated information, an unusable interface and a displeasing aesthetic bad for customers, but it is also bad for your SEO and overall ranking in the SERPs. If your website has a high bounce rate, or, in other words, a lot of people visit your homepage and do not go anywhere else, then you know you need to change something about how your website looks and works.  

Audit Your Website

Before you get to redesigning your website, you need to audit it. This is because the content and format of your website might be holding you back from reaching your full potential just as much as how your website looks. Your SEO audit will require you to understand SEO, or to hire a professional agency to conduct it for you. If your website has not been updated in the last five years, however, and has never received a healthy amount of traffic it might be beneficial to update it entirely and start from scratch, keeping only the domain name. 

Focus on SEO

There are a few on-page and on-site factors that you need to have. Site speed and site security are two of the most important on-site factors you need to consider for SEO. On-page factors include what links you use, how your post is formatted, the quality of the content and so on. The more you understand SEO basics, the better off you and your company will be. For your SEO strategy to be successful, you need to undergo keyword research and see what the best phrase to rank for is; without a clear goal and map to get there, then you’ll be walking blindly.

Digital Marketing

Once your website is up to snuff, it’s time to focus on creating compelling and engaging content. Creating this content alone will not be enough, however, which is why you should always better your content marketing efforts by hiring a digital marketing agency, such as Power Digital Marketing, who will produce high-quality content, as well as implementing the right SEO tactics to your on-site and off-site SEO. You need to make real connections in order to succeed, which means you need to put more effort into the content and the message you send to the world. 

Being online isn’t enough to be successful. You need to ensure that your website works and looks its best, and you need to ensure that your marketing efforts are targeted and engaging. Without a consistent effort towards your digital success, you won’t find global success. Innovate, and succeed.

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