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June 21, 2018

What Are the Latest Investment Trends of 2018?

Investing has always been seen as something you do if you have a lot of cash. However, in recent years, more people have started to invest for their retirement rather than as a long-term career. It has led to a lot more opportunities for people to invest their hard-earned cash into ventures both big and small. In 2018, the markets have been fluctuating, and with the closure of many big retailers around the world, new investment opportunities are coming forward. 
Emerging Markets
For the investor that is a little more adventurous, the emerging markets have started to show signs of recovery. The so-called BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India, and China have all seen a decline in inflation and therefore the possibility of strong growth. To access these markets cost-effectively, many investors might go for the investment trust option. These are a good way to access the emerging markets while still also investing in big corporations. It is that diversification that can offer long-term growth. 
Artificial Intelligence
Many investors are now looking to a more reliable and calculated way of choosing their investments. That has led to the rise of the ‘robo advice’ computers that use algorithms to predict and choose an investors portfolio. It has led to investment managers now taking a hybrid approach to investing to try and remain in a competitive market. They are offering a mixture of real and robot advice that they hope will combine to create the perfect solution for their clients. They hope that this human touch that they can offer will persuade investors to come back to a more traditional way of investment management. 
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin has seen a volatile year in 2018 so far, and the strength of its future changes depending on who you speak to on any day. For many people, bitcoins and cryptocurrency is a hard business to get into, which has led some to turn to alternatives such as Zcash. There are those that may be wondering what is Zcash, but it is becoming a popular way to mine bitcoins easily. With so many mixed messages, it will be interesting to see the way that bitcoins are moving in 2018. 
Real Estate
Investment in real-estate and infrastructure is set to grow this year. More investors are seeing the benefits of having real-estate instead of stocks and bonds. There are also more people investing in company buildings, especially those that have high-earning and well-established businesses in them. 
With investments costing millions of pounds and the potential earnings involved, the security used by investors is getting more sophisticated. More software and phone apps are now using biometric data to verify users to ensure a more secure experience. You can expect fingerprint, voice and facial recognition to become more important and more widely used in future. 
Investing will always be a popular way to grow your money, and with these growing areas of investment, people will continue to be drawn into the investment lifestyle.

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