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September 19, 2018

When Will The "Free Market" Restore Sanity?

A trend that I have predicted for over a year is once again unfolding in front of our very eyes. Big Tech" is beginning its decline, it is beginning to sow the seeds of its own destruction.  
I highlighted this in my piece titled "The War Against Alt Media Goes Hot" , almost one year ago. Which showed how "Big Tech", most notably Twitter, Facebook and Google, were engaging in actions that would ultimately lead to their own destruction by taking too strong of a political side, leading to the rapid rise of Alt Media.  

Since writing that article, Facebook has been caught in scandal after scandal, forced to testify in front of congress , in a sad attempt to explain their actions, and how they are willing to sell their customers personal data to the highest bidder, shattering the trust of millions forever and accelerating their decline in active user ship.

Making matters worse, was the fact that their long suspected political bias was indeed confirmed by over one hundred employees of Facebook itself, who brought light to the subject within an internal company message board , started by senior engineer Brian Amerige.

Those concerned with the way the company was doing business, stated that Facebook had adopted an "intolerant" liberal culture. Strong words indeed, especially when targeting a business that controls such vast amounts of personal information and dictates many peoples daily social interactions in our modern day world.
But as suspected when I first pondered upon this subject, Facebook is far from alone in their bias, as most of Silicon Valley based businesses are within driving distance of each other, and thus are prone to be influenced by the same culture that they engross themselves in, socializing and finding comfort in their echo chambers, ignorantly assuming that the rest of America thinks just like them.

No, this echo chamber is vast and powerful, and is exactly why both Google and Twitter have joined the shameful ranks of Facebook and now find themselves under intense scrutiny for the way they have targeted conservative view points , hoping to push them into the dark, less they face another defeat in the upcoming 2020 elections.

And that is the problem, as we are now witnessing via the leaked internal Google meeting video , which took place shortly after the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump in the 2016 elections, Google executives were distraught and dismayed.

I along with others wrote pieces at the time, which showcased in real time, how Google was actively censoring search results, and manipulating what people viewed, now, as can be confirmed from their actions in the aforementioned video, these "mistakes" as they called them at the time, were ironically in what they viewed to be their best interest.

As I have highlighted before, this should be alarming and concerning, regardless of whether you fall on the political left, right, or in the center.

These massive tech firms literally have the ability to control what is "real" and what is not, how we feel and what is deemed news worthy. In the case of Google, of which people use as their go to source for discovering facts, or truth, this should frighten you to death.

What we deem to be the custodian of truth, should never, absolutely never be affected by such extreme and blatant political bias. This is simply unacceptable.

The sanity of the center needs to be restored, rational thinking needs to come back into everyday practice and fortunately, as we are now witnessing, the free market is once again exerting its will and corrections are being made to the madness we now find ourselves under.

By taking such a strong political bias, Google and other "Big Tech" firms, have sowed the seeds of their own destruction and given room to the rise of Alt Media, Alt media that will be happily embraced by a massive portion of the population looking for any viable alternative.

The slow death of "Big Tech" is upon us, and nothing, absolutely nothing is going to turn back this tide. 
Courtesy of Nathan McDonald via Sprott Money 
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