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November 19, 2018

Analyze Your Past Trades to Improve Your Performance

Analyze your past trades to improve your performance

When traders trade in in the Forex industry, they seem to believe that good times do not last long. They place some good trades but soon they lose money. They try again but it is hard to find a good trend in Forex. If you think you are losing your chance of success, you should know that recap can increase this chance. This recap does not say you need to practice your strategy or you should analyze the trend, it is the overall recap of everything that you have done in the past trades. This article will tell you how a recap can contribute to increasing your chance of success in Forex.
There is a lot to learn from your mistakes. A losing trade is nothing but an opportunity to fine tune your trading system. The Singaporean traders often don’t understand the importance of analyzing past trade data. Assessing the trading journal allows you to find the weakness in your trading system. Since the Forex market is dynamic in nature, you must keep pace with the changes in the market. Stop following the rigid trading strategy all the time. Bring diversity into your trading system to maximize your profit.

Improving yourself as a trader


Do you really think all successful traders are born talented? All the successful traders in the options trading profession have worked day and night to develop their skills. Without putting in the necessary effort, you can never understand the proper method of trading. It requires trial and error to develop a perfect trading system which can generate profit in the long run. Things will be really hard at the beginning but make sure you stick to the basic rules of investment and keep learning new things from mistakes.

Every time you analyze, new mistakes are found

The best thing about recapping is you discover mistakes that were hidden from your sight. When we first play any games, we do not understand the concept. When we see players are playing table tennis, the concept looks easy. We need to bounce the ball with our bats. If we are playing table tennis for the first time, this easy work seems to be hard for us. When you continuously practice and recap the basics, you grasp the concepts. When you are trading, there will be many mistakes and most of them are not explained or ignored.
These small mistakes make the traders lose the money. When you are recapping, you will find these mistakes and it will help you to improve your performance. When your performance has improved, your chances of success will also be increased. Success is not a miracle that happens when you are sleeping, it is the result of your hard work and your recap. You have not given up for your mistakes and you tried to find the mistakes and become a successful trader. There will be mistakes always and recapping is needed to know these mistakes and make you on top of the trade.

New doors are opened

If you are only trading in one market, you will miss the chance to trade in other markets. You need to know and learn how to place trades in other markets like the professionals. The more place you have to trade, it will increase your chance. Recap of the past trades open new doors for you, you see the trade from a new view that was unknown to you. Novice traders do not recap, they are happy with their performance and they do not know the mistakes that could open new doors for them and as a result, they lose money.

You become better with time


Times is the greatest teacher the traders have ever found. What seems right today seems funny tomorrow.  If you are going through your past trades, you become better with time. Give this reflection some time and you will be successful.  
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