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April 2, 2019

The Best Jobs For Those Passionate About Tech

More and more people in the workforce have grown up with a passion for technology. Whether that’s because they learned about IT and coding from an earlier age, because they have been fascinated by the technological developments that gave them the iPhone and advanced gaming tools, or simply because it’s a fascinating and fast-moving industry, careers in tech are becoming increasingly desirable. For anyone searching the job market for a job that’ll excite and astonish in its interaction with technology, this article should help you narrow down the best options to match your passion.
Most of the world’s best startup companies are currently involved in some way in the tech scene. A whole raft of processes that were preciously done in an analog world are being repackaged in a more efficient digital format and sold to the highest bidder. That means there is an incredible scope for startup businesses to capture new markets shares that are emerging in real time as they develop whichever technological solution they have chosen.
As a budding tech enthusiast, there are few more dynamic, exciting and varied roles than taking up a position in a startup company that’s working in some new form of technological solution. You’ll be an integral member of a core team that plans the structure functionality and UX of apps, websites, products and services that could change the world. This is a job type that’s especially suited to those who like small, intimate and fast-paced teamwork.
IT Professional
Every company operating in the modern era requires at least one IT specialist. In this role, you’ll be on call whenever there’s an issue with staff computers, internal communications, software malfunctions, or malware intrusions. You’ll be of pivotal importance in crisis moments that involve the technology that your company uses, and you’ll be there to assist the less computer literate members of staff in making their working methods more efficient.
There are always jobs going in this discipline – so much so that you may choose to work self-employed, being on call with an array of smaller companies should they run into technical difficulties in their day-to-day machinations. Elsewhere, you may simply choose to be the in-house specialist in larger companies, working alongside an IT team that keep the machinery and the software of the company running on a well-maintained network – the silent heroes helping with the smooth running of the business.
Game Developer
A deeply exciting role for anyone who’s into gaming or creating exciting virtual worlds for others to explore and play inside, being a game developer takes a potent blend of creativity and technical prowess to turn your vision into a reality, whether you’re making a huge RPG map like those of the Elder Scrolls series, or a more intense first person shooter that tests the skills and talent of anyone who engages with the game. Working inside a team of talented and experienced individuals, there are few jobs in the world of computing and coding that result in such exciting and exhilarating outcomes.
There are, of course, many benefits to working in game development studios. Whether they’re some of the largest and most impressive, or small, independent and ambitious, you’ll be hanging out with like-minded, passionate people who’re interested in creating the next big thing in an industry worth several billion dollars across the world. Search on company websites directly in order to find vacancies as they emerge.
Software Coding
Now we’re getting into some of the more technical and demanding aspects of tech – the deep coding side that requires problem-solving expertise as well as an excellent big-picture perspective and an understanding of the nuances of computer language. While outsiders to the industry assume your role will be simply typing in numbers onto a screen day by day, you’ll know there’s a lot of collaboration, discussion, and rewarding personal breakthroughs to be enjoyed in this kind of role.
For this role, you’ll need a good deal of knowledge gleaned from courses taken at university or college. Equally, you can attain these qualifications online. Kettering University online's electrical and computer engineering degree offers this training from the comfort of your laptop; by applying yourself to their course online, you’ll be saving on time and money at university, while being able to work a job flexibly around your studies. Go down the rabbit hole of code to enjoy the satisfying role of solution-finding in abstract languages and protocols.
Web Designer
There is certainly no shortage of work in the web design space. A new website or blog is created every second on the internet, and many of them are nothing special. This is where you as a tech enthusiast can step in, using your knowledge and passion to help companies and individuals create important business websites that help them gain exposure, traffic and custom on the busy highway of the internet
One of the finest parts of this job is your independence and the project-by-project basis of your work. This means that you’ll be able to work freelance, taking on the large and exciting projects of others and making impressive websites to their specifications, learning on the job and finding interactive ways to display textual and visual data to site visitors — a must for tech enthusiasts who prefer to work alone.
The world of engineering is far-reaching and deeply exciting. It ranges from computational research and development all the way through to the development of new jet engines, weaponry, green energy solutions or battery packs. Whatever you eventually specialize in, you’ll know you’re working at or near the cutting edge of your particular discipline. 
Jobs in engineering are usually given to those with a relevant degree – and so if engineering is something you’re setting your sights on, you should be swift in signing up to a course that’ll give you the requisite qualifications to progress in your career and get those jobs that offer the most exciting technical developments, working creatively in big teams to find new-age solutions to old-age problems.
The jobs listed above are some of the finest for anyone looking to fuse their passion for technology with their source of income. Get onto job sites and start filing applications in these industries to start building your rewarding and fulfilling career.
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