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May 11, 2019

Building a Professional Website for Your Company

In the age of modern business, every company requires a website. Not only that, but they require a website that’s sleek and well designed, responsive, engaging and well laid-out. It needs to look professional in order for consumers to trust you with their cash, and a shoddy website will only turn away customers looking for a more modern, well put-together company who takes their digital arm seriously. This article explores how you’ll be able to create your own company website, what steps you should take, and what resources you’ll need to make a success of it.

Get Your Domain Name

Your first step is to register a domain name that’s as close to your brand name as possible. Some domains aren’t available, so you’re going to have to hope that your chosen one is! Sometimes you’ll have to pay more if your name has been reserved. However, domain registration can be done online in order to reserve your chosen URL.

Outsource Design

Not everyone is a professional web designer, and it’s likely that you’re unable to build a website from scratch yourself. You have two options when it comes to the physical make-up of your site, and how you decide to build it:

·         Hosting Platforms – You can choose to host your site on platforms such as WordPress, which has a wonderful template and theme builder that makes sleek web design simple and elegant.

·         Web Design – For a more unique and bespoke design, your only option is to bring in a specialized and professional web designer to work closely with you and your branding team to help you realize your vision for your site.

Building a strong-looking website can take some time, so you’ll have to be patient in both options if you’re starting your site from scratch.

Mobile Optimization

In the modern era, more people are viewing web content on their smartphones than ever before. This has the cumulative effect of requiring all sites to be ‘mobile optimized, which essentially means that all of the content is squeezed and reshaped to fit with the shape and size of a phone’s screen. It’s absolutely essential that you build mobile and tablet optimization into your website so that it’s readable on a variety of platforms. 

Page Layout

Sometimes called the sitemap or blueprint of your site, the layout is crucial to direct your visitors towards the point of sale when they visit your website. If you can encourage people to click through to product listings and service provisions, that’s going to be important in ramping up your sales and converting page visits into profits.

You should also consider the impact of pages for contacting your company, an ‘about’ page to describe your brand and your business’ story, and other relevant pages like social media and blogs; these are both important plug-ins that you can use to market your company in the future.

These tips should help any company looking to set up a sleek and elegant new website, ensuring that you’re taking into account the modern requirements for company sites in the digital era.

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