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May 30, 2019

The Most Useful Master's Degrees for Day Traders

Day trading is one of the most high-paced and exciting career paths out there. Ideal for those who don’t like monotony and the same old routine every day, this kind of career can give you the kind of challenges that you crave. As a day trader you will be buying and selling stocks, forex, futures, and securities making sure you get investors the best deals possible. You could be working at a large firm, or as an independent trader, which means you can have the opportunity to open your own business from home.

Of course, paving the path to success as a day trader typically involves an educational background that will give you the knowledge, skills, critical-thinking abilities, and education you need to excel. In terms of degrees, you can actually go a few different ways. Here’s a look at the most useful masters degrees for those who want to pursue a career as a day trader.


Getting your master's degree with a focus in economics is always a great stepping stone for those who want to become a day trader. Through this program you'll learn about such important topics as currencies, fiscal and monetary policy, interest rates, how to identify and read economic indicators, and business cycles. 

Once you become a day trader it will be important that you follow all the current news and events that pertain to finances and trading, and also understand what these events mean in the greater scheme of things. You’ll find you can understand and analyze the details much more effectively.


Focusing on the finance stream makes good common sense if you’re trying to pursue a career as a day trader. With this type of degree, you'll be able to learn about such things as corporate finance, accounting statements, securities, and so much more. Once you have graduated, you may find that this particular degree can give you a leg up on the competition, as recruiters tend to seek out those with finance degrees.


A business degree is another one that is not only looked upon in a very positive light by recruiters and those looking to hire on a day trader, but it can provide you with all the necessary foundation you need to succeed in a big way. Take for example the online MBA program through Walsh University, which you can find here, whose curriculum follows the AACSB standards. You'll get a good cross-section of knowledge and focus on things such as information systems, research and analysis, and financial accounting and management just to name a few.

Ensuring You Are Prepared and Ready for Success

A successful career as a day trader just may be the dream you aspire to fulfil, but keep in mind that just like with most dreams, planning and effort is required. Considering each of these masters degrees can help your path to becoming a day trader be smoother, faster, and more rewarding in the end. 

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