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August 7, 2019

The Qualities You Should Look for in an Employee

When you are looking for new employees, the first thing you will probably concentrate on is qualifications and experience in the line of work your business is in. A few of the right questions at an interview will establish if they are a suitable candidate to put on your payroll. However, there are other qualities you should also be looking for if you expect them to become a worthwhile employee. Here are just a few of them.

Start at the Beginning

You need to confirm that they do have the qualifications you require and should ask them for proof of any certification they have. It is simple for anyone to say they have this degree or that degree, but not so easy for them to come up with the paperwork if they do not. 

The same can be said of the experience they tell you they have, so you need to discuss the work with them to see if they really understand what the job entails. They will have read the job description and should be prepared for this.

If you are having problems finding the right candidate, perhaps you should consider asking an existing employee to complete an online bba degree, for example. Sometimes this is a better option than bringing in someone new that you are unsure about.


You need people in your workplace that have a positive attitude. Generally, someone that is always negative just drags other people down and could be a liability for your business. Positive people are usually problem solvers too and they will make better employees.

Negativity can not only affect their co-workers but can have an adverse effect on your customers too. Obviously, that is something you want to avoid, so making sure they have the right attitude is vital.

Committed and Hard Working

People that are committed to their job are usually the hardest workers. They will also encourage other members of staff to be the same. There are some jobs where even a small mistake can be a disaster, and if an employee is dedicated to their job, these small errors are less likely to happen.

How do you know if they will have these traits before you employ them? Ask what else they do in life as that is often a way to find out if they are a committed sort of person. Are they part of a sports team for instance, as that requires regular training as well as playing? Did they get their qualifications online, as that needs someone to have self-discipline? What do they have planned for the future? 

Glimpses into their lifestyle can help to show you if they are likely to be a good employee or not.
Ambitious people are usually hard workers too. They set themselves goals and know that hard work is a way to help achieve them. They will often want to show that they are capable of much more than what is involved in their current position to prove that they are worthy of promotion. An ambitious person will be treading a fine line of trying to climb the ladder but not upsetting people on the way. The high expectations they set for themselves can often result in new ideas for their employers.

Willingness to Learn and Take on Other Tasks

They need to have a willingness to learn and to take on other tasks if the need arises. All businesses sometimes face challenges where staff are ill or on holiday and they need the help of other employees until the situation has passed.

There are also other things within any company that needs to be addressed. Each one should have a first aider who has the knowledge to handle minor injuries. This is another area that can be learned via an online course, as can health and safety and various other things that are part of the daily running of any business.

A Creative Employee Can Be an Asset

When people talk about someone being creative, they tend to focus on their artistic abilities. There are other ways people can be creative, such as being a problem solver or a person that comes up with ideas. Regardless of if you run a shop, a factory, an office or a warehouse, someone creative may well see a problem you have not noticed and come up with the answer to solve it. It could be that they just spot a better way of doing something within your business that will help to make it more profitable. Generally, a creative person is an asset to a business.

Will They Get on with the Rest of Your Team?

It is vitally important that they get on well with your existing team of staff. You will know what your workplace culture is like, what the daily work practices are and if they are likely to be accepted by your current workers quickly. If someone does not get on with your existing employees, it can be very unsettling and make the work environment an unpleasant place to be. You need to consider your existing workforce before offering anyone a job.

It is Not Always Easy Being the Boss

A boss can have so many responsibilities that it can be a difficult job. While trying to provide a product or service of the highest quality, you have to ensure that you have a workforce capable of the task they face. Research has shown time and time again that a happy workforce will be more productive, and employing the right people for the right tasks is an important part of that.

Bosses do not always put enough effort into finding the best employees for the job and then they wonder why they have such a high turnover of staff. Finding new workers is much more expensive than making sure your existing employees are happy in their work. Ensure that anyone new you employ has the qualifications and personality to become a valuable member of your team to get the best from the whole workforce.

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