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December 17, 2019

6 Tips for Staying Organized as a Real Estate Agent

Being organized as a real estate agent means remaining savvy on so many levels. Not only is it about providing a personal service for your clients and creating a good relationship with them, but it’s also about being able to show that you understand their needs. It also involves being able to keep track of all your clients and updates and making sure that you don’t drop the ball when it comes to crucial sales. 

That’s why good organization is key to success – and these 6 tips can help you with that. 

1.   Invest in the Right Software to Help You Stay Organized

The right software can truly transform how you operate your business and is hugely beneficial in taking the weight off your shoulders and stopping you from worrying about crucial information being missed. Installing software that provides home inspection report tools to help you manage your workload and other categories of software management means that you have the perfect organizational system to keep track of a variety of clients and tasks.

2.   Always Make Copies of Important Documents and Information

When you’re managing a high number of clients and properties, you should never rely on just one form of documentation, whether digital or paper copy. Having extra copies and an alternative form of backup not only means that you have quicker and easier access to documents when you need them but also eliminates the risk of losing the single copy you might have of an important document. 

Find a system that works best for you in terms of backing up documents when you receive them. Documents can easily be scanned into a system, as long as you invest in easy-to-use technology. 

3.   Keep Track of Everything on a Daily Basis

It’s much easier to stay organized as you go along, with every small task, rather than attempting to backtrack and make sense of huge piles of information in hindsight. Being better organized on a daily basis will help more efficiently in the long run. 

If your daily routine sees you rushing from appointment to appointment, you should try and make a habit of making notes as you go along. This could be as simple as downloading a note-taking app on a smart device, or even carrying a physical notebook wherever you go. You even have the option to make voice files on your phone, which can easily be recorded whilst you’re traveling from place to place if you’d rather keep a collection of audio files to look back on, rather than physical note-taking. Just find a routine that works best for you. 

4.   Try to Implement a Manageable Filing System

The role of a real estate agent sees you managing lots of documents and not only filing them but also being able to find the relevant paperwork when needed, regarding a particular client or estate. This means an easy filing system must be initiated in order for you to perform your duties in a more efficient way. It looks distinctly unprofessional if you take a long time to find the right paperwork, or perhaps risk failing to find it at all due to a bad filing system. 

Only keep important files and paperwork, so you can eliminate overwhelming clutter and ensure that everything you do have is exactly what is needed.

5.   Set Reminders and Make To-Do Lists

Even if you have an incredible memory and usually do remember everything, it can’t hurt to set reminders and make lists as a backup. To-do lists also help you to stay very focused and productive, and reminders ensure that you are only doing the most important tasks at the right times in regard to your clients or estate viewings. 

This routine helps you to prioritize everything and is also helpful if you need to set a quick reminder to find documents ahead of time or file something away. 

6.   Keep Track of Your Schedule
Viewings aren’t always straightforward in terms of timing. You have to accommodate both your clients' schedules and the schedules of property owners or landlords who may only be available at certain times of the day, such as evenings. By keeping a firm schedule, you can avoid having to turn down clients for viewings because you’ve accidentally scheduled in another client, and you can also avoid making personal plans when you might need to keep a space open for a client viewing. 

Understanding your schedule and finding a way to keep track of it and stick to it is essential in remaining organized.

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