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September 2, 2020

Opportunities in Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Used cooking oil recycling is a growing industry in the energy sector. It helps develop highly needed renewable energy among other products.

With the industry still at a nascent stage, this is the time that savvy and aspiring investors and entrepreneurs now need to get into the industry seriously. This will help them take advantage of the many gaps present.
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Here are some of the opportunities available in the used cooking oil recycling industry.
Alternative to bio diesel

This is one of the most popular areas in which many in the used cooking oil industry are eyeing. A past experiment on the use of land exclusively for the production of bio diesel failed. This was as a result of hikes in the price of food.

Land that was previously used for food growing, was now used to grow crops for bio diesel. It was lucrative business for the owners of the land, but detrimental to food buyers. Low food supply led to high prices which resulted in hunger among a large number of people. As a result, bio diesel producers had to seek other alternatives for their production.

Used cooking oil can be recycled into fuel. It will make a good bio diesel alternative. Since its source is still grown in farms, it will not have a significant impact on the price of food.


A used oil recycling company is another opportunity that one can take advantage of.

This is a company that will make use of chemical processes to clean up the used cooking oil and then transform it into other types of products.

A used oil recycling company will create jobs for hundreds of people as it grows. It could produce items such as soap, motor oil, fuel for trucks and cars among other things.

Recycling used oil will help provide a cleaner and healthier environment. Poor disposal of cooking oil, like draining it down the sink caused blocked drains which lead to dirty neighborhoods and cities. Recycling used oil will ensure that this is kind of pollution is minimized or completely eradicated.


Another business opportunity in used cooking oil recycling is collection. This is another opportunity if well utilized could lead to the creation of hundreds of jobs.

To succeed in the used cooking oil collection business, one will need to have proper collection strategies. Used cooking oil can be collected from hundreds of homes in a neighborhood and from restaurants and other establishments that cook food in large quantities.

You will need to correctly solve storage problems for used oil, collection or delivery times, locations, how often to collect and how much you will charge for the service you provide. With proper solutions in these areas, the business can only thrive.

After you collect, you will also need to find out where to take the collected oil or what to with it. You can start a recycling company now.


Used cooking oil recycling can lead you into other opportunities in agriculture. In the recycling process, used cooking oil can be recycled into fertilizer.

Fertilizer produced from this process will be organic and will help farmers who use it to grow nutritious crops and improve their soil and fertility in their land.

There are many farmers practicing organic farming. These farmers only use organic fertilizer and you will therefore serve a large market and help the environment and organic food lovers at the same time.

Animal and pet feed 

Another opportunity in the used cooking oil industry, is that of manufacturing animal and pet feed.
You can recycle used cooking oil to develop nutritious and healthy organic animal and pet feed. As with organic fertilizer, your feed will stand out for being organic and for its high nutrition value.


There are many opportunities that you can tap into in the used cooking oil recycling industry. Cooking oil recycling touches many aspects of life.

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