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September 7, 2020

Putin vs. the UN Green Agenda

The cold war wasn’t named that because it involved Russia, which is as cold as a witch’s tit (at least in winter), but rather because it didn’t involve Ivan firing his shiny Kalashnikov at Bo, Billy or Bob. Hence cold, not hot. This was while both powers worked to undermine the other via various means, largely economic.

The war we’re in now, and it is a war, is similar. It’s still cold, and we can hope like hell it doesn’t become hot, but the probability of that falls each day that governments impose tyrannical and senseless lock-downs on their citizens.

On the one hand we have globalist technocrats who collectively want to reset the world in their own “green” vision.

These are folks that support the centralization of governmental power, the centralization of economic decision making and the implementation of the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 21 (now renamed Agenda 20-30). If you liked George Orwell’s 1984 you’ll absolutely love what these folks have in store for us.

Not everyone benefits in this new world order.

Actually nobody benefits because rest assured if central planning is a disaster at a local and national level (and it unquestionably and demonstrably is), then done so at an international level it will bring about the sort of economic destruction, poverty, helplessness and tyranny that would make “The Great Leap Forward” actually look great.

So who is it that doesn’t benefit from this agenda?

Well, for anyone paying just a modicum of attention the agenda is clearly about eliminating fossil fuels from the world (global warming… I mean, climate change) and bringing in some digital dystopia run on “renewables”.

This is another way of saying that in order to implement this new world the elites are going to need a helluva lot more 9-year-olds mining in the Congo. It is also plainly evident that any country which benefits from the production, processing of and extraction of resources, in particular energy and agriculture (the elites hate cows farting), is a loser in this frantic mad power grab taking place right now.

Now, when I say “loser” that isn’t actually likely the way things turn out. I mean “loser” in so far as they’d lose if they signed up to this idiocy. Some will, some won’t. So let’s take a look at how the world is beginning to bifurcate.

In the “hey, that’s not good for us” bucket we have:

Australia, Canada, Russia, all of the Middle East, China, much of Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, and the Stans.

There are others of course but those are some of the main ones. We can eliminate those that are already heavily influenced, bought and paid for by the elites. That includes the virtue signaling political elites presently running Canada and Australia amongst others.

What about the African continent? I don’t like to generalise and there will be some outliers like my buddy Tim Staermose’s favourite Tanzania. But in general, $20m in an offshore bank account to general Bongowongo is more than enough for him to prostitute his people for whatever “health crisis” or other manufactured crisis is being sold. So Africa is out except for probably, as mentioned, Tanzania.

Mexico is really run by multiple narco families, so who the heck knows? I’ve no strong opinion really.


Now, this is a country which can’t be bought. Putin certainly doesn’t need any money from the elites. Money isn’t what drives him. Power and a vision do. Ironically, that is what we need right now. An ideology. One that is sufficiently in alignment with our own capitalistic, which is to say freedom-loving ideals. Using Putin and freedom loving in the same sentence is not something you’re likely to find often but the old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” holds true. Everything is relative.
As mentioned Putin can’t be bribed as he’s already richer than God on a Sunday. He also knows and understands the geopolitical landscape better than I think any other leader on the face of the earth today.

The only other world leader who understood things as well was Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew… and he’s now in a box. So Putin can’t be bribed, he understands what he’s up against… unlike most world leaders who are either bought and paid for by special interest technocrats and hence simply useful idiots, or have themselves bought into the neo-Marxist ideology such as New Zealand’s Jacinda “Stalin” Ardern.

What’s more, he isn’t afraid. Like it or not this is a man who worked for the KGB for 16 years before heading the infamous FSB, which means that he’s probably pushed some guy’s eyeballs through the back of his skull with his thumbs. So when Putin sits down with the likes of man-child Justin Trudeau all we see is a lion toying with a mouse.

Middle East: Saudi and the UAE are the main players here.

Mohammad Bin Salman, known simply as MBS, is yet another strongman. Not easily bought and with a particular vision and lust for power. That he chaperoned the Saudi Royal family into the Four Seasons only to shake them down and torture them, ostensibly for a purge of corruption, was in fact a move to eliminate the hard-line religious components of the family. Those holding him back. Once done he has had free reign to liberalise the country and economy.

Most Westerners don’t know this but Riyadh is moving towards a pro capitalist future – and fast. Dubai showed them the way. The region’s main issue is that of military protection, which is why they’ve recently opened dialogue with Israel. Again, not a surprise. 

Buckle up, this is not going to be smooth sailing.

Courtesy of Chris at Capitalist Exploits (Author Archive Here)      

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